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About CRU: Exploring, Growing & Serving


Learn what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ

Relationships define our lives and make us who we are. God desires an intimate relationship with His children.  Sadly, today, many people doubt the existence of God and His love.They  live in a world is filled with confusing and conflicting ideas about the nature of life and existence.  Most have never considered the teachings of the Bible or for that matter never read the Bible.

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CRU offers a judgment-free environment where  you can explore, question and discuss what it means to have a personal  relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  We offer many resources  that will help you in your exploration.  You might want to check our spiritual  adventure web site, Here you can access, free of charge,  a wide range of articles and information to help you in your search.

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Discover the wonderful adventure of growing in faith and learn to see God at work in your life

Bible Study

For the college student who has come into a relationship with God through Jesus  CRU is a virtual greenhouse for personal spiritual growth.  We offer a wide range of opportunities for you  to challenge your understanding and your experience of  a love relationship with the living God.

A weekly opportunity to get together to encourage one another and to learn together from the Word.
A place where  learning can take place in a context of discussion, prayer, challenge and encouragement.

A time to get away from campus to have fun and to learn with students from other schools.
A regional gathering  of college students growing in leadership skills, learning from  important Christian speakers, experiencing service opportunities and
enjoying the ministry of top notch praise and worship.


Experience the blessings of learning how to minister to the needs of others in Jesus’ name

CRU seeks to prepare college student to be leaders in ministry, in the church and in the community.  We believe Christians are called to be “servant-leaders”— leaders who lead in acts of service to others.  As a regular part of the  campus ministry  we  look for opportunities for students to experience ministry to their fellow students as well as  opportunities to serve  in the community.


The campus ministry of CRU  is just one part of one of the larger Christian Missions organizations in the world.  We offer a wide range of opportunities for student to experience ministry and service in locations across the U.S. and around the world.  Often we use spring break as a time for our students to experience ministry and service. 

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